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about ludwig van beethoven It broke up within a short period of time, and nikolaus johann van beethoven suffered a breakdown and attempted suicide. It isnt a surprise that some of Tchaikovskys music is filled with sadness and despair. What is surprising perhaps is that a lot of his music is brilliant and joyful. Two years later, Tchaikovsky, married certainly one of his pupils, Antonina Milyukova. She was obsessed with the younger composer, but had little appreciation for his music. Their affect showed in his Second Symphony Op.17 , but he was eventually dismissed by most of the members as an excessive amount of of a product of the conservatoire, or not suitably Russian. He remained in contact with Rimsky-Korsakov and Balakirev however, and slowly began to make a name for himself as a composer of operas and orchestral works. 1891 introduced the very successful tour of the United States and Tchaikovskys look on the opening of the Music Hall , was followed in 1892 with the première ofThe Nutcracker. The sixth symphony, having been begun in 1891 but deserted, was accomplished in 1893. Donald Macleod explores the life and works of Russias most popular Romatic composer. Balanchines temporary and good ballet is about to music Tchaikovsky initially wrote for Swan Lake, and is a wide ranging show of bravura approach. The day Tchaikovskys mom left him at boarding school was so traumatic that it remained in his reminiscence to the top of his days.


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